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The Career Pathways 2020 Summer Series is a four-part virtual event that will highlight four “pathways” for participants to explore as they consider life after high school. Each workshop will feature professionals in various fields that will share their journey, knowledge, and expertise. Our featured speakers will address the following career pathways: Vocational education, Workforce Readiness, College Readiness, and Entrepreneurship. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in this event to learn more about our organization.

Be sure to donate in addition to signing up! Donations allow us the opportunity to continue bringing quality programming for our youth and the community!

Past sessions

Copy of Career Pathways Virtual Workshop

Arthur Hamilton has worked in the IT field for over 12 years, started from the Customer Service/Help Desk side. His path has been a bit different from most who work in IT, being as he was self-taught. He has 3 certifications, however, they are geared towards his current path of IT Project management. Hamilton has worked with many fortune 50 and 10 companies, including AT&T (currently and previously), Coca-Cola and Ernst and Young. The IT field has been good to him but the work was hard and long. He has and will continue to educate young African American youth that "IT is a field that is vast and there are more areas than they think and there are so many resources available to them". Currently, Hamilton works for Time Warner/HBO Max as an Associate Program Manager of Incident Response.

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