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Are you interested in touring Florida A&M University?

Ambassadors, Inc. is sponsoring two (2) students with the opportunity to tour FAMU with a FAMU Alumni serving as your chaperone/guide. We are seeking one (1) 9th-11th grade student from Columbia High School and one (1) from Cedar Grove High School. To compete for a slot, simply write an essay with 250 words or less, expressing "why you wish to attend college" and submit the essay along with your completed registration form. Additional criteria may be considered for selection purposes to include, but not limited to, candidate’s grade point average, attendance and community service experience. All entries must be received not later than 5:00 pm March 2, 2018. Any entries received after that will not be considered. The winners of our contest will receive a round trip bus ticket to FAMU, shared hotel accommodations and a tour of the University. Please note that this college tour will be at no cost to the selected students, however, parents will have to pay $150 if they would like to accompany their child on the tour. So go ahead and get to work preparing your submissions!!

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